If I were king, I would do something about the following:
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California's agricultural inspection station at the California Nevada state line on highway 15.
4 lanes of traffic are forced into 2 lanes so one inspection employee can stand between the two lanes and waive everyone in both lanes through. NEVER have I seen anyone stopped. Why are they even there at all? This is nothing but a waste of taxpayer money – a lot of taxpayer money.

Television commercials.

Ignorant television networks and cable companies cannot get their heads around the fact that we have recording devices. I no longer want to watch or listen to any of their commercials. Why should I waste my time listening to commercials about some insurance company that I would never use or some drug whose name I will never pronounce and will never need or some law firm who wins for everyone. You know what I mean! And be subjected to the same offensive commercial repeatedly like on Fox or The Weather Channel. Simply put, I will not watch a program if it is not recorded - even the news. If I am forced to watch something that is not prerecorded like via the internet, the mute button is selected, and I do something else. I fast forward or mute through each and every stupid commercial.

Why do we let the networks torture us like this? We even allow companies to use their cost of commercials as a business expense deduction from their taxes even though anyone with half a brain is not watching them or listening to them. They are nothing more than an irritation and waste of time to all of us. I would not use any of their services for no other reason than I was subjected to one of their waste of time commercials.

Why a gallon of diesel cost $3.00 per gallon in Nevada and $4.00 per gallon in California.

Someone is ripping us off??